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Jackie Lam

What Is Ordinary Income and How Is It Different From Earned Income?

Here we’ll go over the difference between ordinary and unearned income, as well as what each means for your business tax-wise.

​Federal Tax Brackets for 2017 and 2018

2017 Federal Tax Brackets (For Taxes Due April 17, 2018): Here are the 2017 federal tax brackets for filers who are single, married, or head of household.

All the Deadlines You Need to Know to File 2017 Taxes

Here are all the deadlines you need to file taxes for 2017, including when 2017 taxes are due and how to file a tax return extension.

How the 2017 Tax Cuts & Job Act (TCJA) Affects Businesses & Individuals

Here are some of the ways the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Acts (TCJA) affects businesses and individuals.

Self-Employed Entrepreneurs: Here’s the Tax Breaks You Can Expect in 2018

With the new Donald Trump tax plan, you might be wondering what tax write-offs you can take advantage of as a self-employed entrepreneur.

LLCs can prevent fraud, embezzlement with simple steps

Small businesses are often hit harder by fraud and embezzlement than larger companies. According to the American Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, companies with fewer than 100 employees make up

Financing a C-Corporation with a 401(k)

If you’re a small business owner who is looking into ways to finance your company, you might’ve looked into using a Rollover for Business Startups, or ROBS. With ROBS, you

​Filing an LLC Can Pay Off: An Examination of LLC taxes

We’ll go over exactly why filing as an LLC (vs a corporation) can pay off come tax time.

Did You Know the IRS Offers a How-To Video for Small Business Audits?

The IRS has created an easy-to-follow video called “Your Guide to An IRS Audit” to explain exactly what an IRS audit for a small business entails.

Quickly Discover How Incorporating an LLC Can Save Money on Taxes (Using an S Corporation Tax Calculator)

Tax season might’ve passed for this year, but it’s never too late to think about how you can save money on next year’s taxes! One key way small business owners can do this is by forming an S Corporation from their existing LLC or C Corporation.