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20 Questions to Ask Before Setting Up Your Business Bank Accounts

piggy bank

Starting a business is exciting, complex and fraught with countless decisions before you make your first sale. One important choice is where to set up your business bank account and what kinds of accounts to get. Every business is different and has its own product cycles, financial withdrawal needs and specific financial requirements. That means […]

Creating a Domain Name and Email Address for Your Business

What’s in a domain name and why is it so important? The simple answer is that your company domain name is an important part of your brand. As your online “home” for your business, your website domain helps define your company and highlights your product or service. It also helps bring in customers searching for what you have to […]

What Is a Certificate of Authority and Why Would You Need One?

Your business is growing. Opportunity is calling and it’s now time to expand your company’s presence and operations beyond your “home” state where you initially registered your business. For some, these opportunities may consist of advantageous sales prospects, meeting the needs of a new market or even favorable tax environments. But before you can move forward […]

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