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8 Tips for Naming a Business

There are many do’s and don'ts when it comes to naming your business, and we’ve compiled some of the most important to get you started.


More Older Americans Are Starting Their Own Business

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How to Find/Choose a Manufacturer for Your Product-based Business

Are you thinking about starting a product-based business? Before you can successfully operate and legalize this business, you’ll need to have a product to sell. In order to have a product to sell,...


What We Can Learn from 7 Businesses That Changed Their Name

The right business name can transform your professional organization into an exciting and relatable brand. Finding the just-right business name requires a lot of research and a final commitment.


Photography LLCs: How to Get Photography Clients

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How to Find Out If a Business Name Is Already Taken

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Graphic Design LLCs: How to Get Graphic Design Clients

Graphic designers are in a prime position to experience stable business growth in 2020. Graphic design is an in-demand service, requiring both technical and creative skills.


How to Start a Vending Machine Business

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Web Design LLCs: How to Get Web Design Clients

There’s a new trend among talented web designers and web developers to leave their corporate or agency positions behind in favor of living the entrepreneur life. For highly skilled, self-motivated...