More Older Americans Are Starting Their Own Business

Traditionally, we tend to think of aspiring entrepreneurs as young professionals with decades of potential ahead of them and energy to spare. However,

What to Do If Your Co-founders Can't Agree on a Business Name

Having a co-founder to help you get your limited liability company off the ground can be a tremendous relief. Tackling the entire starting a business

22 Resources and Tips for Coming Up With a Business Name

You’ve spent countless hours compiling your business plan, perfecting your product or service and analyzing your competition. You’re feeling ready to

How to Find/Choose a Manufacturer for Your Product-based Business

Are you thinking about starting a product-based business? Before you can successfully operate and legalize this business, you’ll need to have a product

Graphic Design LLCs: How to Get Graphic Design Clients

Graphic designers are in a prime position to experience stable business growth in 2020. Graphic design is an in-demand service, requiring both technical

What We Can Learn from 7 Businesses That Changed Their Name

The right business name can transform your professional organization into an exciting and relatable brand. Finding the just-right business name requires

How to Start a Vending Machine Business

You know you have an entrepreneurial spirit, but you aren’t in the position to dedicate all of your time or financial resources into starting a business.

Photography LLCs: How to Get Photography Clients

You have the intuition and creativity to take small moments and crystallize them into lasting memories. You have the equipment and software needed to

How to Protect Your Business's Digital Presence

For many business owners, entrepreneurs and influencers, a digital presence isn’t just a means of marketing their products and services. It’s their

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