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#INCspiration — The Raw Botanics Co.: Natural Ingredients for Better Health

Sometimes life's toughest challenges can lead to its greatest successes, and that was certainly the case for our latest #INCspiration spotlight: The Raw Botanics Co. founders Les Kollegian and...


#INCspiration — Kookabūk: Guiding Children Through Life's Adventures

Few people in this world would argue that life isn't hard. From family to money to health, there's no shortage of challenges for us all to face. But we have the benefit of experience when approaching...


What to Do If Your Child Wants to Be an Entrepreneur

Choosing to start your own small business is one thing, but what about when your child announces plans to become an entrepreneur?


#INCspiration – Rounding Up the 9 Most Innovative Entrepreneurs of 2021

We're lucky to call a vast number of ingenious entrepreneurs Incfile customers, and that's why we're always excited to showcase their successes in our #INCspiration series.


Revenue Models Every Small Business Should Know and How to Pick the Right One [+ Examples]

Unless you're running your small business solely as a hobby, then it will need to generate revenue in order to stay afloat.


How Much Can You Make with a YouTube Side Hustle? Should You Incorporate Your Channel?

To say that YouTube is immensely popular would be an understatement.


Renew These Small Business Contracts in 2022

Unless you have a passion for legal documents, renewing contracts isn't typically a fun task.


10 Types of Business Insurance Your Small Business Needs

If you've filed an LLC for your business, then you already have substantially more protection from your business structure than you would with a sole proprietorship.

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15 Items You Can Easily Flip for $100-$5,000 in Profit a Month

Recycling isn't just about bottles and cans — with a little entrepreneurial ingenuity, you can create a thriving side hustle by flipping a number of different items for significant profits.


How to Make the Most of Small Business Saturday

With fall in the air and holiday shopping on the horizon, many consumers — and businesses — begin planning for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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