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Do I Need a Peddler's License for My Door-to-Door Business?

In today’s sophisticated, technology-driven business landscape, people often tend to overlook the “low-tech” business model of knocking on doors and building relationships with customers one-on-one,...


LLC vs. C Corporation

C Corporations, or C Corps, are one of the most common types of legal business entities for starting a company. Many recognizable brands and everyday products are sold by C Corps. Major publicly...


The Rise of the Serial Entrepreneur

If entrepreneurship is in your blood, if you’re always looking for your next opportunity, if you can never be satisfied working for someone else…you might be a serial entrepreneur. Some people just...


The 9 Best Tools for Creating a Product Prototype

If you are trying to start a business with a new, proprietary product — or develop new products for your existing business — one of the most important steps is to develop a product prototype....


How to Start a Business When You Are Moving to Another State

Are you trying to start a business when moving to another state, or thinking about setting up a business in another state before you live there? Moving to a new residence can be stressful, and the...


How to Find a No-Fee Business Credit Card

Lots of business credit cards nickel-and-dime their holders and come with hidden fees. These can add up over the long run and eat into your company’s bottom line. How can founders find a no-fee...


When Should I Get an LLC for My Podcast?

Podcasts have become the “talk radio of the internet,” and have established themselves as a massively popular form of communication and media. Millions of people all over the U.S. are listening to...


Factors That Deter Investors from Investing in Your Business

If you’re looking for investors to fund your business, keep in mind that part of the process is understanding what specific attributes investors want to see in the businesses they choose to fund.


How to Come up With a Catchy and Creative Business Name

If you’re at the stage where all you really need is a standout name for your Limited Liability Company (LLC), we definitely feel your pain. Sure, you could scour the web for the best business name...


What Does an LLC Do for Me?

If you're starting a business or looking to change the corporate structure of an existing company, you might be wondering about the benefits of an LLC. Although there are various types of legal...