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Central Florida remains in venture capital freeze

Businesses in the Orlando, Florida, area are still struggling to attain venture capital funding, according to the Orlando Sentinel. New data revealed that available VC funds dropped by 60 percent to $43.2 million between Q2 and Q3 2010, the paper reports.

Buy-sell agreements vital for co-owned businesses

When getting ready to start a corporation, it is important for entrepreneurs to have a plan for what to do when it is time to exit the business. Charlie Spence,

How to prepare for supplier complications

When entrepreneurs get ready to start a company, it is important that they prepare for any future hangups, including the possibility of the company’s supplier going out of business. Anne

How to secure email without encryption

As entrepreneurs get ready to file as an LLC and start a corporation, they exchange numerous emails that contain sensitive company information, from tax forms to human resources data. It

Personalities a management team needs

As an entrepreneur gets ready to file an LLC, it is important to ensure that the company has a strong management team. There are key qualities that a management team should

Maximizing a consultant’s expertise

When forming a business, there are going to be times when entrepreneurs need help. Consultants can offer invaluable expertise, and it is important to know how to make the most

How to convince venture capitalists to invest

When preparing to file an LLC, entrepreneurs are also looking for funding, often from venture capitalists. Here is some insight into what investors are looking for in a business. Mark Sutter

Deter copycats by filing a patent

When forming an LLC, it is important for entrepreneurs to protect their ideas from copycats. From well-known startups such as the Snuggie and the Slanket, which feature similar designs, to competition

Mistakes that could be detrimental to a startup

As entrepreneurs prepare to form an LLC startup, it is important to avoid mistakes that could jeopardize the longevity of the company. In Forbes magazine, Shaun Rein, founder of the China Market

Entrepreneurs should hire professionals in the areas they lack expertise

Jackie Davies, the founder and owner of Eat Out In, recently sat down with Women Entrepreneur to talk about how she began her business and to give advice for entrepreneurs