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Small businesses feel little threat of cyber crime

Small business owners do not allocate much time or financies into protecting their servers or networks, according to a November study by Visa and the National Cyber Security Alliance. The

Small businesses risking their secure information.

Small businesses are exposing their important data to security risks, according to the most recent survey from Lenovo-AMD. The small business survey, which reached out to 700 entrepreneurs, identified trends

Reaching larger customer base with ecommerce

Often, small businesses only have a few physical stores where customers can go to purchase their products, making ecommerce a vital tool for reaching a larger customer base. Online shopping

Finding a way into the media spotlight

Startups can utilize the media to gain free publicity. The trick is knowing how to market the company as a newsworthy topic. Many small businesses manage to tap into a

Mastering the art of communication

Business owners can boost employee morale by making an effort to communicate their requests politely and maintaining a positive attitude. When delivering bad news, such as layoffs or pay cuts,

Reaching new customers with a branded application

Small businesses interested in expanding their interactions with customers should consider developing an application for their business, according to many industry experts. Mobile and internet users have increasingly integrated applications

Preparing for negotiations

Entrepreneurs forming a company will have to negotiate a variety of deals and agreements with venture capitalists, suppliers and more. Gary Kaplan, an attorney, offers several tips to business owners in

How to build a strong foundation for a startup

As entrepreneurs draw up business plans as they prepare to start a corporation, there are some key ideologies that are crucial to the success of a startup. Scott Heiferman, the

Building consumer confidence in ‘green’ products

For entrepreneurs interested in filing an LLC for a company that sells environmentally friendly products, it is important to market the company in such a way that consumers will have confidence in

Proposed tax unlikely to have negative impact on business incorporation

As entrepreneurs celebrate the recently passed Small Business and Infrastructure Jobs Tax Act, which increases tax credits for startups, they also wait to see the impact of a new measure