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Expert: ‘Now’s the time’ to start a business

USA Today’s Steve Strauss says that now is “a great time” to start a corporation, and he says entrepreneurs looking to take advantage of this prime moment should keep their

Small businesses turning to angel investors

Recent research by the Center for Venture Research shows that angel investors are helping more entrepreneurs than ever get the early-stage funding they need to start a corporation. The study

Small business owners share financing tips for startups

As business owners get into the swing of 2010 finances, it may be worthwhile to consider theDiscover Small Business Watch‘s top financing tips for the new decade. The tips are

Business loans up 57 percent in California

Looking for money to start a corporation? Entrepreneurs in need of finances for startups may be well-advised to undergo business incorporation in California. According to report from the Press-Enterprise, the state’s businesses

Important healthcare considerations for company owners

For entrepreneurs considering forming a company, the newly passed healthcare reform could affect small businesses – or it may not. ZaneBenefits.com offers some insight on which SMBs will be impacted

Best and Worst States for Business Taxes

Wondering what the best (and worst) state is for business taxes for entrepreneurs? And which is the best state for an LLC in the first place? Find out here!

SBA: Capital infusion will help small businesses

The U.S. Small Business Administration is putting an emphasis on making capital accessible to small businesses and entrepreneurs forming an LLC in order to stimulate economic recovery. Karen Mills, head of the

Shareholder litigation should be held in state of incorporation, law professor advises

William A. Franke, a Stanford law professor, recently gave the annual Widener University School of Law Pileggi lecture in which he advised public corporations to institute provisions that require the

A Guide to Establishing a Retirement Plan

Entrepreneurs who have started an LLC, S-Corporation, C-Corporation or sole proprietorship can find retirement plan guidance on a website recently launched by the U.S. Department of Labor and the American

An overview of business structures

Deciding when to undergo business incorporation and which type of entity to form is an important step for business owners looking to grow a company. Corporations and limited liability companies