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Bleacher Report receives fresh round of VC funds

Bleacher Report – a growing location of open-source web content – received $10.5 million in new venture capital funding, according to TechCrunch. The company – which created a one-stop shop

Entrepreneurs use software, websites more than social media

New data from the Guardian Life Small Business Research Institute indicates that small business owners still rely on software and their company’s website to find customers despite the emergence of

SBA boosts lending to entrepreneurial veterans

Veterans hoping to open their own business will soon get the support they need from the U.S. Small Business Administration thanks to the extension of the Patriot Express Loan Program.

Colorado association helping future entrepreneurs

The Business Start-Up Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado,is meeting head-on the challenges of fostering a new generation of entrepreneurs. As the rate of entrepreneurship climbs during unsettling economic times, the

Entrepreneurs filing an LLC in Arizona could benefit from corporate tax cuts

Entrepreneurs who are interested in starting a corporation might be able to benefit from the lower business taxes that Republican legislative leaders are lobbying for in Arizona. The Arizona Tax

Following corporation rules and regulations

Entrepreneurs who decide to start a corporation as opposed to a looser structure such as a sole proprietorship, need to carefully follow all of the practices and mandates that come

Five questions to gauge startup readiness

It is important for entrepreneurs to assess their startup readiness before filing an LLC. StartUpNation recommends that entrepreneurs ask themselves five questions before beginning their new ventures. First, aspiring business owners

Church forms an LLC to help fund solar energy project

Starting a company isn’t the only reason to form an LLC. A New Jersey church recently used a business incorporation to help fund the installation of solar panels on its roof, the Medford Central

Transitioning from employee to entrepreneur

Leaving a job at a large corporation to start an LLC can be a scary decision. But many have found greater happiness by running their own businesses. Pamela Slim, author of Escape

LLCs are fastest growing business entity

While limited liability companies are the newest form of business entity, new figures shows they are also the most popular. A recent report in the Fordham Journal of Corporate and