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Entrepreneurs take note: Tax trends for 2010

Entrepreneurs are likely finishing up their 2009 tax filings. As they prepare to leave last year’s finances behind them, it might be wise to look ahead to tax trends for 2010.

Protect your assets in a recovering economic climate

Even as the nation moves toward recovery, the economic climate has caused a number of economic losses for business people. Still, it’s not too late to protect personal assets from

Starting an LLC gives entrepreneurs more flexibility for future plans

When forming a company, one question an entrepreneur spends a lot of time thinking about it what legal entity they should choose. Smart Business Network contributor Mark Klimek says that filing

Clean energy companies need more capital to succeed

Starting any small business requires an infusion of capital from one source or another. But startup companies working in clean or renewable energy can require millions of dollars in upfront

Business incubators an increasing source of new businesses in Oklahoma

Business incubators can be a valuable resource for new companies. Entrepreneurs in Oklahoma are increasingly turning to business incubators to help them start a corporation, according to the Tulsa World.

Silicon Valley Bank helps promote business incorporation

California-based Silicon Valley Bank says that its small business lending programs have helped fuel small business formation and promoted job growth. The company says that it added 1000 clients over

Low commercial real-estate prices mean lower entry costs for entrepreneurs

Commercial real estate prices are low enough that many entrepreneurs are looking to grab deals on the new storefronts and facilities they need to grow their businesses or start a

Entrepreneurs increasingly turning to SBA for loan backing

An increasing number of entrepreneurs are getting loans backed by the Small Business Administration to help them start a corporation, according to the Enterprise Ledger. Banking officials told the paper

Entrepreneurial online advertising trends in 2011

The battle for new and repeat business is becoming more and more competitive, and with the rise in online advertising, small businesses must be up to speed on applicable online

Ohio highly rated for new entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs hoping to get their business off the ground can look to the Buckeye State for support and the right climate, according to the Ohio Business Development Coalition – a