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Do You Need to Form a Business Entity for Your Cryptocurrency or Blockchain Business?

By definition, a cryptocurrency or blockchain business is a center or network established for the purposes of purchasing, selling or exchanging these digital assets.

How to Get Your Business the Tech Support it Needs

Here are some alternative ways to find the tech support your business needs to maximize your operations and maintain consistency for your customers.

POLL: How Often Do You Plan For Your Business?

Business planning can help you figure out your business priorities. Learn how frequently to plan and what resources are helpful.

How to Increase Customer Loyalty

There are five main reasons why increasing customer loyalty is important. We share these tips here.

How to Save for Your Own Retirement When You’re Self-Employed

There are several options for funding your own retirement when you’re self-employed. Learn about the different possibilities here.

​4 Lead Nurturing Techniques to Improve Customer Relationships

Customer retention is key to growing your business and creating marketing campaigns that make an impact.

3 Quick and Easy Ways Small Business Owners Can Reduce Stress

Here are three quick and easy ways small business owners and fast-paced professionals can get organized and keep their stress at bay.

SOTM – GirlCrew: Incfile Giving Wings to a Women-only Socializing Platform of 100,000 Members Worldwide

Incfile’s January “Business Owner of the Month” is one of the founders of GirlCrew, a social network for women to make friends. Learn more insights from one of the co-founders.

Understand Your Business Startup Costs & Expenses

What are some of the costs of starting a business? We cover your expected business startup costs and include some resources.

2018’s Leadership Advice From the World’s Best Entrepreneurs to Take Into 2019

Here is some of the best leadership advice given in 2018 from some of the world’s top entrepreneurs, so you can implement it into your life and business strategy.