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Greatest Hits: Small-Business Story Roundup

Ready to be inspired by successful small-business stories? Click through to our round up of some of the best small business success stories we’ve seen.

Have a Business Idea? 25 Questions To Determine Its Viability

Deciding whether your new company is ready to launch can be tricky. Here are 25 questions to help you validate your business idea now.

Behind The Scenes With Incfile: Obtaining an EIN

Do you need to obtain an EIN for your business? Learn how to get your business EIN quickly with these insights from our latest blog.

Smartest Ways to Protect Your Small Business From a Cyberattack

Cyber security is a hot topic these days for small businesses. To stay protected, here are some smart ways to keep your company out of the crosshairs.

Incfile Wins Bronze American Business Award for “Best Business Formation Company”

Incfile was recently named the winner of a bronze Stevie Award in the “Best Business Formation Company” category in the 17th Annual American Business Awards. The American Business Awards are

Why Your Brand Plan Is More Important Than Your Business Plan

Working on your brand strategy? Here’s why a brand plan is important, and what goes into developing a successful brand plan to support your business plan.

Essential Tools for Freelancers and Micro Businesses

Check out our list of essential tools for freelancers and micro businesses. These programs can help you with your everyday business tasks and to-dos.

2019 Best Security Software for Small Businesses

Even in 2019, cybersecurity remains a major concern among small businesses. Here are 5 of the best security software systems you need to consider.

Need Inspiration? These Are 15 of the Most Profitable Small Businesses

Looking for small business ideas, but not sure where to start? Here’s a quick rundown of 15 of the most profitable small businesses.

What Brand Colors Can Reveal About Your Small Business (And How to Choose Them)

Are your brand colors sending the wrong message? Here’s what you need to know about selecting the right colors for your small business.