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How to Find/Choose a Manufacturer for Your Product-based Business

How do you find a manufacturer to make a product that’s all yours? Here’s a helpful guide to walk you through the process of picking the right product manufacturer.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Certificate of Good Standing with Incfile?

Learn more about the requirements of getting a Certificate of Good Standing for your business, and how Incfile can help!

How to Go from SAHM to WAHM By Starting Your Own Business

Just because you’re a SAHM doesn’t mean you still can’t be a boss lady. The transition to WAHM is easier than you think. Here’s how you can get there.

Graphic Design LLCs: How to Get Graphic Design Clients

As a self-employed graphic designer, finding and securing clients is of utmost importance. Discover these tips to get graphic design clients to grow your business.

Can I Convert My LLC to a Series LLC to Expand My Business?

If your LLC is in a state of expansion, you may wish to consider converting to a Series LLC. Let’s look into how you can do just that.

The Ultimate Guide to Loan Amortization

If you need to borrow money for your business, you must understand loan amortization. This concept can give you better visibility into your borrowing.

How Can I Open My Own Dispensary in My State?

With many restrictions and regulations in place, it can be difficult to open a cannabis dispensary. Here’s what you need to know before you start.

What We Can Learn from 7 Businesses That Changed Their Name

Changing business names doesn’t have to be a negative. Read these seven stories of well-known companies that changed their names and thrived!

What Should I Do When My Certificate of Good Standing Expires?

A Certificate of Good Standing is a useful tool in building your company, but how should you proceed if it expires or if you lose good standing entirely?

Nonprofits: Easiest States to Start Them and How

Here’s an easy-to-follow guide on how to start a nonprofit organization. If you’re looking to start, there are certain rules you need to follow.